Summer Jobs Abroad 2020

How To Find Summer Jobs Abroad in 2020

Getting a job abroad can help you broaden your horizon and improve your communication abilities. Working with people coming from different cultures is one of the most effective and exciting ways to open your mind and to enhance your social skills. Besides, you’ll also make some money in the process. Let’s see how you can find summer jobs in Door County the easy way.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you must start your search for summer jobs abroad in 2020 at least six months before your intended departure date. In order to land such a job, you’ll have to apply for it, to get interviewed, and perhaps to pass s series of online tests.

The best way to proceed is to start searching for the best summer jobs one or even two years before. There are many dedicated websites, blogs and online communities revolving around summer jobs opportunities for students and not only. Volunteering websites and non-governmental associations may also publish such job openings. The best way to keep tabs on everything going on in this area is to create a table or a spreadsheet where to write down all opportunities and all such resources. By having everything in the same place, it will be much easier for you to check them out from time to time to see what’s new. Furthermore, consider subscribing to the news feeds of these websites, provided that they offer such information to their loyal readers. All major job boards, for instance, offer their readers the opportunity to stay updated with their latest news and job openings. Even better, some of them allow you to subscribe only to the specific types of jobs you’re interested in, so you’ll be able to create an alert for summer jobs in the industries or areas of activity you want. As soon as a new opening will get published, you’ll receive an alert message in your inbox.

You can also tackle this issue by being proactive. Make a list of all countries you’d like to work in. Take these countries one by one and seek for work opportunities that focus on your areas of interest. You may not find any job openings just yet. Nevertheless, write or update your resume and send it to all these organisations, together with an intention letter expressing your interest in summer jobs in their country. Also, upload your resume on job classifieds websites, making sure that you state the type of job you’re currently seeking for.

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Always be prepared to act on a very short notice. Sometimes, such job openings are active for a very short period of time. Apply to all jobs as soon as you come across them. Prepare your resume in advance. In fact, create several variants of resume to suit the different industries you’re interested in. You won’t be able to prepare cover letters, as they should always match the specific job application you write them for.

All these tips should allow you to make the most out of all these resources to find your perfect summer job.

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If you like the idea of working outdoors over the summer, of spending your time in the fresh air and the sunshine, instead of couped up in some stuffy air conditioned office then you’re in the right place.

We help people to find jobs working in the great outdoors particularly over the summer months. So if you like orienteering, building camps, cooking on barbecues and hiking in the wilderness, well then you will love this.

Come back soon to view the jobs that we will be posting in the coming months.